3 steps to create a super cool Instagram account for content creators

The trend of content marketing is increasing rapidly worldwide. So what do they need to prepare for new businesses or content creators looking to join this “delicious piece of cake”? So what do we need to do to create a competitive advantage, to create value, to attract readers?

Here are some ways to create an Instagram account for those who are just starting to create content on the social media channel!

3 steps to create a super cool Instagram account for content creators

1. The truth about the social network Instagram

Instagram was originally known as an image and video sharing application developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege (USA).

Since its inception, Instagram has grown into a popular communication channel for users to connect with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, family, and more

When social network Facebook exploded worldwide, Instagram users changed their intention to switch to Facebook due to some special features only available on Instagram like (posting stories with music, editing photos, interface, etc.) or SMS in this app etc.)

With over a billion registered accounts, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012. And IG has become a part of everyday life. It seems like everyone is on Instagram these days, from small businesses to large corporations, news outlets to cultural organizations, celebrities, photographers and musicians, not to mention the small industry of influencers that have popped up on this social network .

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2. 3 Steps to Build a Professional Instagram Account

If you want to start creating your own account to create content, share new things or create an account for business, … But you don't fully understand this application? So how can you attract viewers once they see your account for the first time? For those who have an aesthetic eye and an artistic bent, this is a fairly easy task for them. But what about those who aren't good at design? Here are 3 account design suggestions for those who are “blind” in the art of designing

Step 1: Identify the content you want to target 

3 steps to create a super cool Instagram account for content creators

First you need to answer the following questions:

Who are the readers of this content? What behaviors do they have?

Are they attracted to light or dark images? Or it's the unique color for your account. You need to learn this part carefully as this is the user's G-spot that matters to them.

If you're not good at design, what to do? The main answer is available templates (for a fee). Please advise the price you can spend? Usually, the price of a secondary canvas template on Etsy doesn't depend much on a good or bad design, but rather on the number of templates in a design. Just go to Etsy. com type Instagram template canva and there are tons of them. (Typically from 200.000 – 1000.000, 400.000 – 500.000 is common). I often buy on this site, fast and convenient. After payment by Paypal or Mastercard there is a download file. In the file there are instructions and a link, click on it to go to the canvas and have a template to copy. There are many other platforms, I don't use them, so I can't review them for you.

Step 2: Choose the most suitable template

Currently, the template is not too foreign to us. It is a pre-designed image file with specific layouts to meet the needs of users with different purposes.

3 steps to create a super cool Instagram account for content creators

However, if you use the template to design your IG account, we still have a few pointers to follow.

Should buy a template that doesn't need to use external images. Since the template usually doesn't have an accompanying image, people just put the attached image on top of the sample image for you to visualize. When you buy it, it's hard to find photos with similar layout and colors that go well with this design. It's really difficult for product images that need to be used in the template, but for normal photos, all you have to do is de-splash and use the tools to filter out the image color that matches the original design.

Choose templates with simple, easily visible fonts that aren't overly complicated. Because it is possible that many fonts will not be supported when switching to Vietnamese. 

Buy the IG carousel template if your post has lots of images and lots of information strings. If you want the images to be linked together, you should try this template. Very convenient and synchronous.

Step 3: Organize your Instagram feed to be beautiful and scientific

3 steps to create a super cool Instagram account for content creators

There are many resources for you to design your account. For example celebrities or content creators accounts on social networks etc. Just go to their profile and we want to click follow right away because the way the feed is created is so beautiful. 

So suggest your tips to create a super cool feed for your IG

Unfold application - specializes in designing photos for Instagram feed and has the function of planning before your Instagram feed. All you have to do is connect your IG account to the app, then upload the photos you want to post on IG and drag and drop the images to arrange them nicely and attractively. Approximately every 9 images will determine what a set of feeds will look like. So you can even create an image in your Instagram feed. This application costs more than 200.000 per year. I think there are many other free apps that have this feature as well.

Or you can download the template on Freepik, separate the original background (the text and the image that Freepik put together) and then redesign it using the Canva application, which also makes for super beautiful images.

The above are suggestions on how to create an Instagram account for content creators on this platform. I hope you have more information for yourself to create super cool accounts for yourself.