6 Software To Increase Instagram Followers For FREE [Updated 2022]

Would you like to have an Instagram account with as many followers as celebrities but don't know how? Using Instagram followers software is the fastest way to get free followers for your Instagram account. Let's refer to the free follow up software below shared by MyB Media to get the follower of your dreams!

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Top Software To Increase Instagram Followers For Free

1. Software to Increase Follow Instagram Toolseeding

Toolseeding software is an application provided by the MyB Media entity that helps any entity, company or individual to quickly gain followers as well as improve and improve comments on Instagram.

Benefits of the application:

  • This is a service developed entirely by a Germany company, making it extremely suitable for Germany companies and easy to manipulate and use.

  • The accounts used to increase followers, increase likes, shares etc are real accounts and most of them are owned by Germany.

  • Moreover, this software also has the advantage of not only supporting the followers increase service for Instagram platform, but also has many interactive buff services on many other platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. which for a lot practical is user. Companies want to spread and build their brand in the age of 4.0.

Steps to use the Toolseeding MyB app :

Step 1: First, you need to register an account on Toolseeding official website here

Step 2: Fund your account using the following instructions:

Increase free Instagram followers

Price list

 Increase Follows – Follow Instagram profile

90 coins/round

6 Software to Increase Instagram Followers for FREE [Updated 2022] Increase likes for Instagram posts

45 coins/round

6 Software to Increase Instagram Followers for FREE [Updated 2022] Increase comments on Instagram posts

500 coins/round

6 Software to Increase Instagram Followers for FREE [Updated 2022] Boost comments on Instagram posts by a month

500 coins/round

6 Software to Increase Instagram Followers for FREE [Updated 2022] Increase likes on Instagram posts per month

48 coins/round

Step 3: After you have a Toolseeding MyB account, you will be directed to an interface as shown below. To increase the number of followers for Instagram, select Instagram Buff from the toolbar in the left corner of the screen => select Buff Follow Instagram.

Increase free Instagram followers

Step 4: At this point, fill in the screen under the personal Instagram or business Instagram link that you want to increase followers for and then select the items as per your requirement.

Increase free Instagram followers

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2. Software to Increase Instagram Followers: Free Likes & Views

This is an app to increase likes and grow Instagram followers with accounts appearing in countries around the world. That means you get likes and followers from user accounts in every country.

For example: if you want Germany followers to follow Germany, if you want to follow England, choose England or any other country you want.

To use this free Likes & Views to increase Instagram followers, you just need to use any Instagram account to like other people's Instagram and follow them to earn points. You will then use this point to convert into followers for your Instagram.

Increase free Instagram followers

3. App Hack Follow Instagram: Followers Pro +

Followers Pro + is an application developed with many features rolled into one. Of course, exclusively for iOS users, the main function is still to increase followers for Tik Tok accounts.

This Instagram follow hack software will also help you analyze your followers along with many other really useful experiences.

Example :

  • Aggregate function, social profile statistics.

  • Function to count the number of followers on the account.

  • The feature to view information of everyone who is no longer following you.

  • Viewer feature, see who commented, liked or followed your post on your Instagram.

Increase free Instagram followers

4. Instagram Auto Follow Software: IFT Like

This is an Instagram auto follow app similar to Free Likes & Views. It also supports sharing, exchanging likes and follows between accounts, but the difference is that IFT Like is aimed only at Germany users.

Although it has only been available for a short time, IFT Like has been downloaded and used by many Germany users. If you want to follow automatically with this software, it's very simple, you just have to like and follow others. Or if you don't want to do that to collect coins to exchange followers between accounts, you only need to top up to buy coins.

Increase free Instagram followers

5. Free Instagram followers software: GetInsta

When it comes to reviewing the top software to increase free Instagram followers  , becomes GetInsta ranked at the top. Why is that? Simply because GetInsta is free software and its interface is very easy to use.

Most importantly, the increased following is 100% from real users. In addition, this software also processes your request very quickly, you just have to enter the desired number of followers and you will receive followers in just a few hours.

Furthermore, unlike many other Instagram follower software which is only supported on a single device platform, GetInsta currently supports installation and use on all platforms such as Android, IOS and Web. It's great, isn't it?

Increase free Instagram followers

6. Software to Increase Instagram Followers: Demy Like for Instagram

This is follow-up software developed by Germany, so it might be suitable for you. Currently, the application Demy Like for Instagram receives many positive reviews from users.

Some reasons why you should choose Demy Like for Instagram software:

  • Follow from real users.

  • Follow Germany.

  • Follow is completely free.

What you need to do is just visit the app store, then download and start doing simple operations in the software, you will get desired number of followers immediately.

Now, learn 7 tips for building a great Instagram channel

1. Black and white or color minimalism

Choosing a minimalist style with black and white for photos is an easy way to create a consistent Instagram feed. However, it gets boring if you don't take a little break. To make your Instagram stand out with a black and white style, you can alternate a few more highlights in the photos if needed.

2. Choose the main hue or uniform correction

A variation of the style above but more complex. You need to have an eye for color and editing skills to make the Instagram feed look as complete as possible but not boring.

Tip: You can choose a main shade for your personal Instagram by referring to the website https://paletton.com. It will suggest you "matching" color palettes to create a more perfect overall look on this Instagram feed.

3. Horizontal or vertical image with a white border

This method is very simple but effective. Simply select your Instagram images so that they are all uniformly horizontal or vertical and create white space when posting. The white border creates an eye-catching effect for your Instagram feed, creating a highly visible whole.


Therefore, MyB Media has brought you top 6 extremely effective free Instagram followers software. Apply it to increase followers of your Instagram account! Much luck!