Best Instagram caption writing apps for Android and iOS

A picture sometimes says more than a thousand words, which may no longer be true in the age of Instagram. A photo on Instagram is worth just as much if it comes with a catchy caption.

The following software will help you create the best Instagram post captions on Android and iOS directly.

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1. Subtitle Expert for Instagram

Subtitle Expert allows you to select subtitles from multiple categories. Subtitle Expert compiles the most trivial subtitles and also adds new subtitles. This software divides the following categories: Book Quotes, Bible, Inspiration, Quotations, Interesting Facts, Thoughts on Lotus, Lyrics, Emotions.

With Caption Expert you can add custom captions, set interests and request new applications for developers. When you're "running out of words" for funny thoughts or inspirational quotes, Caption Expert is a smart choice.

2. Caption for Instagram

Captiona's USP provides a perfect source for Instagram captions. This tool offers a search function, so you only need to enter a keyword to find the annotation you are looking for. For example, if you search for "inspiration," the software will show all available inspirational subtitles. The downside is the lack of a category menu and the lack of a separate legend.

3. Captions for Instagram

Subtitles for Instagram offers a well-organized subtitles menu divided into many different categories. The best thing about this software is that customers can record content as interesting content and download annotations as ".txt" file to their device.

Subtitles for Instagram allow you to switch between Recent and Popular. It has all the titles, sayings, content you need to express your feelings, share directly...

4. Isa. annotation

Issa Caption uses machine learning and inference to find captions that best match the image. All the customer has to do is upload the image and the software does the rest. After scanning the image, Issa will list the corresponding content.

The cool thing about this software is that it uses a credit system called Guap. You can earn more guap by watching video ads, which helps developers earn additional income while maintaining the software.

5. Picture Quote

ImageQuote is software that helps you find useful photo quotes. The software allows customers to add words to photos and share thoughts on Instagram. You can add quotation marks next to the cited author by using the TextBox feature.

ImageQuote offers a wide range of eye-catching designs and backgrounds. You can also customize the wallpaper by uploading your own photos to the software. In addition, Image Quote also provides tools such as font selection, hue adjustment, brightness, contrast and background blur function.

6. Kaphun

Capshun is image decomposition software for creating captions and hashtags for images. The user interface is simple, making it easy to get used to. Users only need to upload photos, the software will do the rest automatically. With Capshun you can use animations, browse photos with a file operator and upload photos from photo gallery. Comments are categorized into related categories and copied directly to the clipboard.

7. CaptionPlus

CaptionPlus is the best way to make Instagram posts stand out and increase your reach. This software distributes 4 main menus: Topic, Comment, Feed and Search. In the themes section, you can dig deep and choose subtitles from themes that suit your individual tastes. The Comments section contains a series of footnotes, organized by category, covering today's trivial topics.

WittyFeed Integrated feed area. Here customers can access interesting and trendy news about the collective. Finally, you can search for legends in the Search section.

8. Captions for photos from 2022

Photo Captions 2022 provides a perfect collection of captions on many topics like happiness, love captions, interesting captions, humorous captions, inspirational captions… All are divided by categories so easy to find them in the search box. .

Captions for Photos 2022 offers copy and paste captions and share directly to Instagram and other social networks.

9. Automatic subtitles

Automatic captions will help you find the best captions for your photos. This software is powered by AI and allows you to select photos from gallery and camera. Once the photo is uploaded, Auto Caption will create a caption that you can then share on Instagram.

Besides this, Auto Caption also suggests related hashtags and an impressive photo gallery for quotes.

Download automatic subtitles for Android | iOS (free)

10. Story caption

Story Captions is a specially designed software that specializes in writing captions for Instagram Stories. Unlike other software, Story Captions doesn't have a category, so it's a bit difficult to find.

Download story subtitles for android (free)

Awesome, engaging captions will inspire you to increase your popularity and impact on Instagram. Hopefully the above software will help you grow in the most famous photo group in this world.