Facebook account hacked what to do

If you are one of the millions of Facebook users, your Facebook account has been hacked. But don't worry - here's what to do. First change your password immediately. Then check to see if your post or photo has been changed or deleted. If so, report them to Facebook immediately. Follow these steps and you will be back in control in no time!

facebook account hacked what to do

  • This method only applies to Facebook accounts that provide email, phone number and owner, the exact personal information that was shared with Facebook. For more information, see How to unlock a disabled Facebook account that is violating the community.
  • These options are only basic and apply if the information you provide is correct and is still being saved by Facebook. In more severe cases or with which you are not familiar, you can contact support to have serious and well-known Restore Facebook Nicks. Do not trust online advertising services that you do not know who they are.

How to Get Back a Hacked Facebook Account

Call First click the following link: www.facebook.com/hacked, click My account has been compromised.

facebook account hacked what to do
Enter the email or phone number you used to register on Facebook and click Search.

facebook account hacked what to do
Enter the old password before getting hacked.

facebook account hacked what to do
After you have entered your account password or continue to follow the instructions from face => Click on the button: "Protect your account"

Next, choose the password recovery methods, which can be done through a Google account, email, or even a phone number.

You will then be given the option to confirm the email address or phone number and then press “Next”.

Facebook will send you a password, enter it as shown below to restore your Facebook account.

Finally, just enter your new password and you're done.

I wish you success!

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