Guide to Selling Products Effectively on Instagram 2022

Instagram is a familiar platform, but learning how to sell effectively on Instagram isn't easy. Instead of "spending money" to run ads on Facebook to attract customers, many businesses choose to use the Instagram platform to sell. Because this is a great channel to sell products and reach customers.

Step 1: Confirm your Instagram Selling Permissions

Target audience on Instagram

Target customers on Instagram are mostly young people between 18-25 years old, especially girls.

Currently, Instagram supports the Popular feature to help you discover customer insights quickly and effectively. At this point, you will understand what trends and needs customers have, so you can build the most appropriate and attractive business image.

Define your business category on Instagram

Instagram is considered one of the social networks that attracts a large number of users worldwide, especially young people. Therefore, you should aim for quality consumer goods that follow trends, and invariably expensive goods. It is possible to name typical items such as cosmetics, clothing, accessories, handmade goods, shoes, decorative items, etc.

Step 2 Set up an Instagram account

Instagram is a social network application that shares photos and videos through smartphones or laptops, tablets, etc. In particular, your collection of images will be formatted when uploading from Instagram. Square photos combined with many unusual color effects through pre-made filters. In order to do business, you need to create an Instagram account for sales. The registration steps are quite simple and quick.

How to Make Money on Instagram: 5 Proven Ways for 2022

Download the Instagram app

  • For Android platform, download the application to your phone from CHPlay Store. Or you can download Instagram on your computer.
  • iOS platform, download the application to your phone from the App Store. Or you can download Instagram on your computer.

After downloading the app, select the Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with email icon.

Next, fill out the information and set up a profile by adding your name, phone number, and avatar.

Finally, tick the β€œDone” section to have an Instagram account for business.

>>> A website to help you increase the size of your Instagram profile picture:

Step 3: Optimize Instagram Account

Make your account public (Public)

If you open an Instagram account for sale, you need to make the account public. That means the account allows anyone to access, follow and view your posts.

Choose an impressive, easy-to-remember account name

The account name is the element that lets customers know about your store's image. Therefore, you should create a name that isn't overly picky and long-winded, but is simple, easy to remember, and easy to find. The account name can be the name of your business store.

Representative picture

When it comes to an Instagram account, the profile picture is the first thing that people care about. Usually, big brands use the company's representative logo to place the avatar. Or you can design a new image yourself, connected to the industry and look you want to create for your business page.

For profile pictures, Instagram always crops the picture into a 110px diameter circle. Therefore, in order not to interfere with the logo or avatar, you should upload square images with the text/logo in the middle.

Interesting informative description

You have up to 150 characters to unleash your creativity with different and authentic content according to the criteria that the store wants to target. You should not write this part long, just be subtle enough and touch the psychology of the customers, convince them to follow your interest, to follow your account.

In addition, you can insert the description of hashtags directly related to your growth strategy on Instagram. This allows customers to remember you and your products quickly and find your website more easily.

Paste the URL into the information area

With Instagram, you can only add a short URL in the website section of the information page. However, you can create more links to your customers by adding your website URL as "Learn More" to the description of each photo you post.

One of the biggest limitations for Instagram users, especially stores, is that the Instagram platform is quite limited in terms of attracting traffic from the app to the website, sales landing page, or fan page.

Enable notifications

Instagram's notifications feature gives you instant updates when someone shares, comments, or likes your picture. This helps your store interact and engage with users much more easily and effectively.

Use the live chat function

Similar to Messenger on Facebook, this feature helps you easily connect and communicate with customers. You should turn on notifications so you don't miss any messages to your account.

Links to Other Social Networking Sites

If you do business, don't miss any platform. This means that you should use all social platforms that are currently attracting a large number of users, such as Facebook, Zalo, TikTok, to be able to share your images and sales posts to spread them widely. By doing this, you are not expanding the prospect file by a small amount.

Step 4: Find potential customers

First, you can build customers from your friends list on Facebook. They actively follow and find customers on their own personal pages to follow and interact with them. Or you can go to the search section to find new friends and clients with two options: Photo (latest pictures and videos) and Suggested Users or type specific names in Instagram's search bar. .

If Facebook lures customers with likes or shares, or pays you to advertise, Instagram lets you follow everyone without asking their permission or waiting for others to confirm. However, some accounts have private mode enabled, you have to wait for confirmation before you can be tracked.

You can also search for followers on your competitor page and follow those people. This way can be considered as the fastest and most effective way to reach customers who are interested in your products.

And don't forget to invest in your page a unique and attractive Instagram profile with your own style. This will touch on the psychology and encourage customers to stop and follow your page.

Step 5: Search/create images and documents

Images play an extremely important role in building a selling brand on Instagram. You can create your own product image according to the store's idea and style.

If you don't create the image yourself, Instagram will support you with:

  • If you find hashtags related to your business products with images, feel free to use that image source without fear of copyright infringement or asking permission of the photo owner.
  • You receive photos from foreign websites related to the product you are trading.
  • Get pictures of competitors in the same category.

For example: You are in the cosmetics industry, when searching for content you should be interested in keywords such as: cosmetics, skincare, makeup, skincare or keywords related to women, photos of lipstick on other Instagram pages.

Step 6: Add hashtag

Hashtags are often added to the end of a post's content or attached directly to images. The content of the hashtag must be related to the item you are trading. When you post a topic, you should list and choose the hashtags that have the most connection to your audience. If you choose random messy hashtags in the posts, it won't work. Therefore, the process of choosing hashtags seems simple, but it plays an important role that directly affects your business process.

You can only use up to 30 hashtags in a post. However, you don't have to overuse these hashtags. As long as you build content hashtags with the right focus, related to the product, customer, and your Instagram Page name, it will do.

Pro tip for you: Make a list of 600 hashtags for your items. Then divide them into 20 groups. This way, when you publish, you only need to quickly copy to avoid omissions and wasted time during setup.

Step 7: Create content

If you're new to Instagram for Selling, you don't need to include any content when posting photos. However, you must post a minimum number of photos, 30-40 images related to the subject and field you are building at a time should not be posted intermittently.

Then use the Followers Fast software to increase the number of followers for your page. You should only pull at 3-4k followers which is reasonable, don't push too high. You may miss about 500-600 followers as these are just virtual followers.

Visiting the page customers will be attracted to the photos you post, convince them they will click follow which means you have succeeded.

Step 8: Maintain your Instagram page regularly

When building a sales page, don't "leave" your page for too long. This makes it harder for you to reach customers and outperform your competitors. During the first 10 days of building your website, you divide your time between posting images on the website. Perhaps between 8am and 22pm you upload an average of 10 images related to your business. After those 10 days, you can cut down to around 3-4 photos/day, which is reasonable.

The ideal time periods that you can split to post photos are:

  • Mornings : around 8-9 a.m
  • Lunch: around 12-13 p.m
  • Afternoon : approx. 15:00-16:30
  • Evening : around 18:30-20:00

Above are the detailed 8-step Instagram sales instructions that Tino Group has selected and compiled to send to you. If you have an online business plan, don't miss this potential Instagram platform. Good luck with your choices!