How to increase Instagram followers

Increase Instagram followers by hack will not increase real followers. At the same time, the account is underestimated by insta and there is a risk of losing the account. So, if you want to effectively increase follower count on Instagram, you can refer to the following ways.

What are Instagram followers?

If you need to find friends on Facebook to see photo information and posts on someone's personal page, on Instagram you need to click the "Follow" button on their Instagram account to connect with a person. Each follower is counted as a follower. Every time you update your profile, post a new photo or video, your followers can see and interact with the post. If you want to see your followers' information, you also need to click "Follow" to go back to their Instagram account. The number of followers for an Instagram Page is unlimited, so you can follow as many people as you want.

How to increase Instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers without hacking

1. Optimize Instagram Account

Your Instagram page is a representation of your persona and personality. Therefore, in order to attract more followers, you need to optimize it to be the most attractive. Here are a few simple criteria to make sure.

โ€“ The account name should not be too long and contain complex special characters. This is good for users to find your account exactly.

- Avatars should be perceptive and show their own qualities

โ€“ Should have a short description to create sympathy for the users.

- Prioritize account posting so Insta users can easily see the content on the Insta page before hitting follow. Currently, Instagram allows users to make their accounts private. If someone wants to follow, they have to send a request and be confirmed. If you want to grow your followers quickly, the best way is to make your account public.

2. Create quality content

Insta users have the mentality of going to Instagram for entertaining and updating new images of the people they follow. Therefore, content is the core value to keep followers. You should invest in beautiful, entertaining images and videos. At the same time, you should post funny and attractive status lines. Sometimes they won't fall for the photo but will love the impressive caption. Once you create sympathy among users, it will be easier for them to click follow.

Note: Photos posted to Insta must be the correct size of 1080x1080 pixels in a 1:1 ratio to display the most complete and beautiful image.

Additionally, if the content is highly viral, there are many pages on Facebook that can repost your content. This will make your Instagram account reach more people and potentially increase your followers better.

3. Post Stories on Instagram

Posting too many photos on your personal page will "overwhelm" viewers. You should post more photos and content on Story Insta. At that point, users will be more interested in watching. Currently, Story Insta also has many beautiful filters, a variety of posting forms, as well as the ability to choose music to accompany the article. This will make the story content more vivid and attractive for Instagram users.

4. Choose a reasonable booking time

Instagram has a smaller user base than Facebook and they are only most active in the early mornings and evenings after work. Therefore, you should make good use of these two time windows. The peak times with the most Instagram users are 6am-7am and 21pm-23pm. At this point, the user's psychology is more comfortable, so it is "easier" to view the content on Instagram. If the content is compelling and relevant to the group of people you're trying to target, you can increase your follower count very quickly during these periods.

5. Include hashtags in posts when posting

Instagram allows content on the same topic to be displayed through hashtags inserted into posts. You should also take advantage of these #hashtag trends when posting. Note that you should choose hashtags that match the content of the displayed image.

6. Link your Insta account to other social networks

Nowadays a person can use many different social media accounts. Your friends may know your Facebook profile but not your Insta account, so they can't follow you. So if you want to draw followers for Instagram, you should put Instagram link in description of other social network accounts. For example facebook, youtube or zalo,โ€ฆ Especially if you have a personal blog or website you should also insert an account to fetch users from google. If customers have searched for information on Google, it means they are interested in the content, making it easier to track the poster.

How to increase Instagram followers

7. Cooperate with accounts with many followers

Posting pictures of celebrities or people with more followers is a smart way to get your Instagram page known. Then the people who are already interested in the celebrity will be more interested in you and more likely to follow you. Currently, Instagram also has a suggested mode that you can follow if you have a mutual friend. So this is very beneficial for the development of your Instagram account. This is definitely impossible when using hack like Insta

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8. Interact regularly with users on insta

Increasing followers on Facebook not only focuses on getting new followers but also taking care of those who are already following. So you should also take care of your followers' interaction, commenting and mentioning. Then every follower is a channel to promote your personal Instagram page. Attract a large number of followers from their friends and acquaintances.

9. Take care of comments on celebrity accounts

A celebrity is someone who has built a successful personal brand on Instagram and has a large following. The fact that you comment frequently and have the top comments of many people who are interested in these accounts will attract the attention of Instagram users. Then the number of people you know will be larger, and it will also be easier to increase the number of followers.

However, you should comment wittily and politely and avoid spam too much. This will generate resentment from users and tracking is counterproductive.

Above are the ways to increase followers on Instagram effectively and totally free. It doesn't cost you anything to hack Instagram likes or show ads. If you just skillfully research user psychology and create amazing content, you can gain many more followers.

Benefits when the Insta account has many followers

Follow Instagram represents the number of people interested and following your account. So many people have become hot instas because of their large number of followers. Currently, the owner of the most followed Instagram account is singer Son Tung MTP with 6,2 million followers. This number continues to grow rapidly. Owning an Instagram account with a million followers comes with many benefits as follows.

1. Make a better personal and business brand

When there are many followers, Instagram account holders will leave a personal brand impression on users. Especially if the business has an Instagram account with a lot of followers, it will reach more customers. Create opportunities to boost sales.

2. Easier to do business and sell

From a brand that has built an Insta account, it will be easier to sell because of the customers' trust. Users have a crowd mentality, so they rate accounts with a lot of followers to have higher prestige.

3. Create opportunities to make money on Instagram

If you don't want to start your own business building an Instagram page with a lot of followers, there are many other ways to make money through brand advertising collaborations. This also generates a very high income through the Instagram page. This is a very popular form of making money through affiliate marketing.


This is important and useful information for individuals and businesses who are serious about investing in Instagram. Good luck to everyone who applies.