Downloader for Instagram photos


With this awesome tool you can search and download any Instagram photo in seconds - it's easy and free!


What is Instagram Photos Downloader?

Instagram Photos Downloader allows you to search and download any Instagram photo in high resolution. You can quickly get photos from all your friends, celebrities and idols accounts without any limitations.

Why do you need a picture downloader for Instagram?

It also saves time. No need to take screenshots, edit them and fret over low resolution photos. Second, you get images that are not compromised in quality. Some people may not know how to save Instagram photos and this program is a lifesaver for them.

Can I Use Instagram Photo Downloader for PC?

This tool can be used on both PC and mobile devices. InstaZoom.Mobi is a web service, as you might have guessed. You can use it to download videos and photos to your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device or any other smartphone or tablet.

How to use Instagram photos downloader?

1: Open the Instagram image post that you want to archive


2: Copy Image Path URL

3: Access the link zu
4: Paste the image path into the search box and press "GET"

5: When the results are displayed, you can click the "ZOOM' to enlarge the image, or the 'DOWNLOAD' to download the image to your device.

Is it Safe to Download Instagram Photos?

Secure. Downloading pictures from Instagram is completely safe. We also do not store any customer data.

Will a user be notified if I save their post?

No! Our tools work independently. So the user will not receive any notifications.

Is it legal to save Instagram photos?

This is allowed, but you need permission from the owner of the photo to reuse it.