Searches on TikTok and Instagram are increasing

Not only are TikTok and Instagram now used as social media, but Gen Z sees them as places to find information instead of Google.

According to TechCrunch, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan said that nearly 40% of Gen Z (born between 2000 and 2012) like to use TikTok and Instagram to find something β€” e.g. B. a place to have lunch - instead of Google Search and Maps. And TikTok app creates short videos that save people time and people usually load TikTok Downloader without watermark .

Tiktok and Instagram

Raghavan says that new netizens think differently than veteran netizens. These young users are not looking for keywords, but are looking for content in a more lively way. Google confirmed Raghavan's comments and said the data came from an internal survey of US internet users aged 18-24.

This finding could be problematic for Google. Young internet users can still navigate with maps, but Google is no longer their first target when searching. Google has spent years updating its recommendation algorithm for various companies in search and maps. In addition, Google also makes money from ads sold for specific searches in Search.

Faced with the threat of competitors, Google is said to have developed a number of features to make Maps search results richer, such as: B. by using augmented reality (AR) to make the maps look more realistic. β€œWe have to raise high expectations, and that requires completely new technology platforms,” says Raghavan.