Roundup of 10 Beautiful Story Apps for Instagram - Did You Know?

As a young person, no one can resist the appeal of Up Stories on Instagram, right? Since then it has become a dilemma for all of us to edit the photo to post the story to make it look good. The best solution is to plug in 10 beautiful story maker apps for Instagram right away in the following article!

10 apps to make beautiful stories for Instagram


The "King" in the world of beautiful story-making apps is none other than Unfold. Dubbed as a “story maker”, this app has all the necessary tools to let your rich imagination run free.

With Unfold, users can not only successfully create a beautiful story, but also create a plan to make Instagram feed more eye-catching. Typical functions like choosing a template, filling in text, pasting stickers, editing basic image and video parameters, etc. are designed in a minimalistic way and are easy to use.

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At the top of the list of the most popular and easy-to-use free design apps is Canva. Anyone who has ever dealt with design knows this "multifunctional" platform. Besides the task of designing media publications, Canva also has a useful function that few people know about creating beautiful stories on Instagram.

With Canva, you don't have to worry about the complexity of using it. All the tools are Vietnamese so it only takes a few minutes to be able to use them fluently.


InShot is considered a "sub-app" of Instagram. So, can you see InShot compatibility level up when editing Instagram story?

The strength of InShot is video editing. Although it's only a phone application, InShot's performance is on par with modern computer applications. You can create transitions, overlay multiple video layers, apply effects, adjust speed, etc. InShot has a professional-looking timeline similar to Adobe Premier.


Artory will help Instagram turn story into art. This is an innovative application that is indispensable in your mobile nowadays.

Do you want to become a talented storyteller with lots of followers? This is not difficult with the Artory application. The strength of this app is an extremely large resource store with thousands of templates, hundreds of filters and different text styles. Even if you upload more than a dozen stories every day, you'll never run out of resources with Artory.


If you are looking for an application to create daily stories to write a journal to capture memories, believe that there is no application more suitable than Nichi.

Nichi is one Instagram story making app from Japan. You can feel the story's elegant sophisticated style by using this application. Not too fancy and complicated. Sometimes the most beautiful thing comes from simplicity and harmony.


Another choice that will meet your needs for quick and easy story creation is Mojo. This app also offers you a full-featured photo editor. Another advantage is that Mojo uses the Vietnamese language, so you save "blocks of time" when creating stories!

spark post

spark post
Surely you will be "shocked" when you experience Spark Post for the first time. This application comes from the "big man" Adobe, so you don't have to doubt the quality of the application.

With 30.000 different templates nothing is impossible for Spark Post. This multitasking app is not only an effective arm in creating beautiful stories, but it can also assist you in all aspects of your life.


Over is a graphical application that has received countless good reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store. Over can perform well in both photo and video editing. So this is a good candidate in the top app to create beautiful Instagram stories.


The editability and “hot” level of PicsArt probably don't need to be discussed too much. With tons of smart features, especially in the area of ​​face editing, this is the "must have" app if you want your performance to be the best story possible!

8mm vintage camera

8mm vintage
Currently, the trend of film photography is very popular among young people. Film photography apps were born, and the 8mm vintage camera stood out like a phenomenon.

8mm helps you get a very "deep" story on Instagram stories. What could be nicer than cinematic effects combined with deep melodies?


You don't have to be a "master" in the field of editing, you can create beautiful stories on Instagram with just 10 apps mentioned above. It's time for you to make your friends squint with amazing stories! Much luck.