The most effective Facebook sales support software

Currently, online selling has become very popular, especially selling through the social network Facebook, but in order to sell effectively, not only do we have to work hard to post sales, but we also need support software or necessary selling tools to both save time to save as well as increase the number of orders and keep the reputation quickly and effectively. In this article, we introduce some of the most popular Facebook sales support software that many people are interested in, hoping to help you use it easily and sell more products.
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After doing business in 4.0 era, it is impossible not to do business online on websites, Facebook. In order for you to manage orders, take care of customers and prevent competitors from stealing orders, you need to employ tactics including using Facebook Fanpage sales enablement software.

There are many selling software on Facebook to help you find customers, build a list of prospects, and there are also tools to help with message management, fan page management, or self-answering. Please check out some of the hot Facebook Sales Assist software that many people love and choose below.

Effective Facebook Sales Support Software

1st codon:  Software to manage fan page, inbox, facebook comment

Today, when referring to effective Facebook fan page management software, it is impossible not to mention Codon software. If you want to increase sales, attract customers, increase your brand awareness and solve your Facebook sales management problems, you can count on Codon software to help you. This software is appreciated by customers for its superior features like auto-hide and reply to comments, auto-send inbox when customers comment and tag, and effectively classify customers. Besides, Codon software also has the ability to generate statistics on sales and growth; inventory management; Create orders and send invoices in chat.'s interface is user-friendly and easy to use. With just a few minutes of getting used to, you can easily use this online sales support software on Facebook.

The most effective Facebook sales support software

The most effective Facebook sales support software

Reasons to use to manage fanpages:

– Hide comments, collect messages extremely fast:  This Facebook fan page support tool consolidates customer messages and comments on your fan pages into a single interface that you can easily manage. In addition, once a customer comments on an order, will always hide this comment to avoid the adversary stealing your customers. At the same time, will display a complete message to help you closely control customers' orders and avoid order shortages and omissions.

-  Potential customer filter: has a phone number filtering feature so you can actively mentor and advise potential customers so customers can shop regularly. It also saves the history of customers when they come to your store to help you identify who is looking to buy and thus develop appropriate marketing strategies.

 Communication, chat, customers, orders:  Most of you in online business would like to have scientific customer data warehouse for easy and effective management. was born to solve this need. With you can chat with customers and at the same time create orders in the chat window. The benefit of Codon software is that it integrates with carriers and delivery, allowing you to shorten and simplify the selling process to your customers.

Business performance reports and employee reviews : regularly updates store performance, detailed reports on sales and profits, continuously updates number of interactions on the fan page... for you. helps you know which items are selling well and show up on time with effective business strategies for better deals. In addition, you can use to track which employees are doing good work and which bad work.

 Comments/Inbox Synthesize: allows you to consolidate all customer comments/inboxes from many different fansites into a single interface for easy management.

-  You can use it for free for 30 days,  before you decide to buy this Facebook sales support software. You will surely have a great experience with the software.

Currently, the price of using software is divided into many packages like Start, Sandard, Premium with 3 months, 6 months, 12 months term, so you can choose the corresponding cost package. With only reasonable cost per package, you can already use with many useful features, effective and fast online selling experience, saving time and hiring costs.

2. Sapo GO – Online Sales Management Software On Facebook And Stock Exchanges

Sapo is a well-known name in the field of sales management software, chosen by many German store owners and businesses. If you sell on online channels such as Facebook, e-commerce floors (Shopee, Lazada, Sendo...) then Sapo GO is the software specially designed for you. Sapo GO is considered to be a very convenient and easy-to-use online sales management software with smooth operation and many outstanding features.

Some specifics of Sapo GO can be called like:

– Gathering all comments and inboxes on one screen to make consultation and order completion more convenient and faster, avoiding customer overlap or omission.

– Have you ever encountered a situation where nobody was on the fan page during the break and you accidentally missed the customers who entered the chat or commented in need of advice at that time? With Sapo GO you can create automated comment/inbox reply scripts that are always ready to serve customers without spending resources.

– Sapo GO has the advantage of very effective inventory management, has specific data to know which items are available, which items are out of stock and place orders quickly.

– Sapo GO connects directly in the system with shipping units like GHTK, GHN, Viettel Post, AhaMove, GrabExpress, Sapo Express… Helps you compare ship prices, call ships and ship orders quickly with just a few clicks. At the same time, the cash flow and the transport debt can be automatically controlled on the software.

– If you sell via live stream then congratulations, there are few software on the market that supports both good stock management and multichannel from Facebook and ecommerce platforms but also supports live stream like Sapo GO. This software is able to automatically capture customer information and create orders, send feedback to customers when orders are successfully completed, and accurately report the effectiveness of each live stream.

– In particular, Sapo GO offers a solution that can manage all sales accounts at the same time, connect many fan pages and many stands on exchanges, control data for each account, manage inventory, orders, customers...

– No need to be present in the store, wherever you are, you can understand the situation of the store to make quick decisions through detailed and intuitive reports on earnings over time by status, the work efficiency of each employee and assess the number of goods sold, imported, inventory...

A software with many useful and practical features, but the cost of using Sapo GO is very affordable. This is also the reason why many shops choose Sapo GO. Also, Sapo GO offers a free 15-day package full of features to try before you buy. Hearing a hundred doesn't equal seeing, try it out to see if it suits your needs or not.

3. Simple Facebook:  Software to support online sales on Facebook profiles

This is a software with many outstanding and useful features for selling on Facebook, basic functions like automatically connecting prospects, sending inboxes and attending to customers, filtering, friends don't interact, post management support in multiple accounts. Filter and remove prospects while building full friends.

Besides, Simple Facebook software also brings great benefits for online sellers, such as:

- Create a full profile of 5000 friends easily and quickly
- Take care of customers and interact with them automatically
- Connect with many customers for free
– Build a personal brand, selling becomes easy –
Save maximum time and improve work efficiency.

4. Autoviral Content: Content  management software on fan page

Autoviral content software is the software chosen by many online vendors. When you use this software, only 1 click is required to set the time and the post on the page will move up in bulk as you want. Or you can easily find content from other websites to refresh information and improve your content most effectively, also you can easily delete any content as well.

The software has the following basic advantages:

- Manage all posts on Facebook with just 1 click
– Find new content for the fan page quickly and easily.
– You can set the schedule per week or month as you like.
- Easily increase work efficiency and reduce content time for posts to create professionalism in selling.

5. Easy seeding:  Software to increase comments/likes for free articles.

Many people choose this Simple Seeding software because it is a free software that effectively supports the online selling process. Automatically commenting and liking the available content helps to push the post and create better attention for buyers. Besides, you can also easily delete other content as you like.

Simple Seeding Software Has Basic Benefits Like:

– Increase the number of sales interactions, make your items more visible, especially build trust for buyers.
– Free comments also help you build a relatively good personal brand
– Software that helps your customers pay more attention to your products and inspire trust makes sales more effective.
– This is also an application that ensures the security of your account, so you can rest assured to use it.

6. Haravan Side Software

If you are wondering whether you should choose a Facebook sales support software, Haravan page software is also one of the software that many people use. With this software, it supports and is a solution to control comments/inboxes, hide comments on the fan page, simplify working with threads and remember professional customer status. This software is used on both Zalo and Facebook and therefore supports the sales process very well.

7. Chatbot software "Chatfuel"

This is a tool used by many people. This software will cause messages to be automatically sent to most of those that have been filtered and installed on the fan page. You just have to think of hot information hitting user's psychology and the software will help you to send it. For example, promotions or bonuses will definitely help you attract the best customers. Please try to obtain and use this software.

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Free Facebook Ads Software

Along with sales enablement software, advertising software also contributes greatly to your sales process, here are some software that you can explore and apply to your sales process.

1. Chatbot Puziness

Chatbot Puziness software is a product that is used as a fan page management tool and can be available XNUMX/XNUMX. The intelligence of the software also depends on the creativity and effort of each person. Puziness can also respond to customers like a salesperson that customers may barely recognize. This software application will definitely create something new and save you selling time.

In addition, the software also supports replying to comments, collecting potential customer information, and automated customer care. Therefore, companies or retail brands also get positive feedback from customers while using this software and make the customers the most satisfied.

2. IClick

iClick software is a support tool for advertising and selling on Facebook. This software will also help you save time as you will save even more time by auto browsing with this browser. iClick also automatically increases likes, increases comments, automatically posts and shares, or automatically befriends potential customers. This is also a 0 dong marketing strategy, if companies know how to benefit from it, it saves costs and sells very effectively.


Xface is also considered to be the best Facebook marketing software. Not only setting up user accounts, but this software also supports the development and building of effective fan pages. Most of the software programs using this software maximize the content on the page, create invitations to like and like the article so that the article gets closer to customers.

4. Facebook Bulk Advertising

This is FB advertising software that plays an important role in supporting the most effective product promotion and sales process. Bulk Facebook Ads has special and new features that support the sales and promotion process and automatically increase likes to achieve high efficiency. Besides this, this software also has the function of sending messages to automatically invite friends to attend events and events… many benefits that you can learn and apply together to get the best sales effect. .

5. Fplus

Facebook Fplus software is also highly appreciated as a useful application for marketers due to its high efficiency. With basic features like auto-posting, auto-commenting, auto-sending messages, find friends... Surely Facebook Fplus software will help you manage your page and sell it in the most effective way.

In fact, for those of you who have been doing business online for a long time, time is really important, so we always need to optimize everything and have more time, the opportunity to sell more products has increased more and more. Therefore, the software helps us to have more free time or to eliminate all the normal manual operations that take a few hours a day, when the software is available, the time is reduced to just a few hours. This is also an important factor to help you easily choose the most useful sales software for you.

Effective Ways To Sell On Facebook

Selling online on Facebook is considered to be a very good sales channel, but we also need to have the right tactics to get the expected results, let's refer to some of the effective sales on Facebook below.

The right form of sale

This is the first factor that online retailers need to pay attention to, which items can quickly become popular again and turn old customers into loyal customers.

Do not abuse sales tools

Using the software and getting a lot of information about your customers doesn't mean you can complete the order, so you need to have new business strategies that don't depend too much on the tool and make sure you give the customers the best Trust.

respect from your customers

There are many customers who are annoyed by the way many people sell online, the name tag on sales posts, or spam messages. You should demonstrate your professionalism, respect all customers, know how to attract buyers, and not disturb or influence others.

Zone classification of potential customers

There are many hot Facebook sales enablement software that potential clients can find for you to create and learn to use, and at as low a cost as possible because wasting doesn't lead to success. Don't be in a hurry to find the best solution for you.

Attractive advertising content

Selling online needs to focus on core content such as item images, as well as product information and pricing. Most sales items need to both attract and excite readers, thereby instilling trust and building their own unique brand.

Above are some effective Facebook sales assist software that you can also refer to and choose and apply for your best work needs. In particular, there are many other useful software that you can refer to such as: B. Sales management software, through this software, management and sales become the easiest and most effective. With this list of sales management software, you will surely make the most suitable choice.