What is facebook

What is facebook What should I do?

Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the world today, a place to connect people all over the world. Similar to the Internet, Facebook creates a flat world - in which there is no longer any geographical distance that allows all users to post and share status, personal information and interact with others.

What is facebook What is the function? User manual for newbies

Currently, Facebook offers some key features as follows:

- Chat and interact with friends anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connected device.

- Update, share photos, videos, information, history (story).

- Find friends by email address, phone number, username or even mutual friends.

- Use it as a place to sell online e.g. B.: Create a fan page to sell, sell on a personal page.

- Various games for users to carry entertainment and experience.

- Ability to mark (tag) pictures, intelligent face recognition.

- Allows you to create surveys / polls directly on your personal wall.

What is facebook What is the function? User manual for newbies

2. The origins and development of Facebook


Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg - a computer science student at Harvard University. In 2003, during his sophomore year, Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash (the predecessor of Facebook) - this website asked users to use two images side by side to vote who was the "hottest" (hottest).

In order to be able to call up the image information used for comparison, Mark Zuckerberg hacked into the school's network in order to obtain the images of the students. The results are surprising, in just 4 hours of operation, Facemash has attracted more than 450 hits and 22.000 image views.

However, this work by Zuckerberg was discovered by the Harvard network administrator and of course Mark Zuckerberg was charged with security breach, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy and was faced with expulsion. but eventually the sentence was lifted.

The next semester, on February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg decided to start The Facebook, which was originally used as thefacebook.com. Six days after the site launched, Zuckerberg was accused of deliberately tricking three Harvard seniors into trusting them while building a social network called HarvardConnection.com, all with a 1,2 million stock settlement (valued at US $ 300 million Dollars when Facebook went public).

Facebook was officially launched in 2005, then the word β€œTheFacebook” was officially removed and the name β€œFacebook” stayed as it is today.

What is facebook What is the function? User manual for newbies

Development history
- 2004: Product launch for Harvard students.

- 2006 - 2008: Development of the advertising segment and completion of the personal profile page.

- Year 2010: Development of a fan page.

- 2011: Timeline interface started.

- 2012: Takeover of Instagram and listing on the stock exchange.

- Year 2013: Improvement and expansion of the search function Graph Search (semantic search engine).

- 2014: Acquisition of WhatsApp to compete in the chat application market and also purchase of Oculus (a brand specializing in the manufacture of virtual reality headsets) to develop 3D, VR simulators etc.

- 2015: Add a shop function to the fan page and reach 1 billion daily active users.

- 2016: Launch of a messenger application and an e-commerce site in some key markets.


3. Basic Facebook User Manual

- Register and login with your Facebook account

In order to be able to use the functions of Facebook, you must first register in order to create your own account.

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- The main interface of Facebook on the phone

The main interface of Facebook on the phone

Currently, Facebook's main interface offers users the following features:

(1) Search bar: Used to find any information, including photos, posts, people, groups, applications, ...

(2) Messenger: Facebook message area that allows you to receive and reply to messages, calls, ... from others.

(3) News Feed: Contains posts from friends and news sites.

(4) Personal Profile: Your own personal page, including your personal information and the articles you have published.

(5) Your group: Posts belonging to groups that you have joined.

(6) Dating function: Allows connection, acquaintance and online dating.

(7) Notifications: Contains new notifications.

(8) Menu: Contains options for related services and your personal account settings.

- How to post, update status (status)

On the main Facebook interface, click on the item What do you think? Here you can update the status, share photo / video, live video, check in, ...

After you've entered the content, all you have to do is hit post to share it with everyone.

How to post, update status (status)

- How to access the personal page

There are many ways to access your profile, but the simplest method is:

Click on the icon for the personal profile in the toolbar at the bottom of the main screen or on Menu (icon with 3 lines)> View profile.

How to access the personal page

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- How to send messages to others

Facebook has developed a separate application called Messenger to help users exchange messages on phones. So you need to download this application first.

After the installation is complete, click on the Messenger icon on the main interface via SMS to access the application, chat frames with friends will be displayed here, or you can use the search bar to find your name.

How to send messages to others

4. Some notes on using Facebook

Thanks to Facebook, we can freely share, interact with each other and use other extremely useful functions. However, Facebook is not always positive, it becomes "counterproductive" if we do not know the following information:

- Your personal information on Facebook can be collected by others to use for many good or bad purposes. You should limit the disclosure of important information about yourself.

- Applications with user interactive features, entertainment applications that appear more and more on Facebook are also one of the reasons why you collect information. Avoid apps that ask you for a password to sign in.

What is Facebook What is the function? User manual for newbies
- If you click on any strange link, your account will be taken over by crooks and it will also become a tool for spamming spam links for a number of other accounts so you need to be very careful with the links or files above. Facebook.

- Expressing personal views in a bluff is also to be expected. People often say "words of the wind fly" but for social networks this is not true, whatever your comments on Facebook are recorded by netizens and sometimes impulsive words. Anger can sometimes be so strong that you can't even imagine it!

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