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Twitter is a social network on phones and computers that ranks second after Facebook in terms of number of users. What is Twitter and how is it used? Let's see how you can do with Instazoom.mobi create an account, register and use Twitter!

What is the twitter social network?

Twitter is a social network operated by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and in the  July 2006 was officially operated with a blue bird symbol.

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco and has more than 25 offices worldwide. At the end of 2018, Twitter had more than 800 million Users of whom more than 330 million were active.

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter used for?

Twitter is a social networking site that enables users to connect with each other by writing and reading content that is limited to 140 characters and the images they upload.

twitter what's that

Twitter also enables users to discover stories related to today's major news and events. In addition, PR teams and marketers can use Twitter to increase brand awareness and excite customers.

How does Twitter work?

Twitter works very simply with simple operations on the application interface. All you need to do is sign up for a free Twitter account and share messages or stories of up to 140 characters on message boards. Your post can contain an image, GIF, or poll by using the icons below the text box.

twitter what's that

In addition, to receive information from other users on Twitter, all you have to do is go to that person's account and click "Follow them". Conversely, if you no longer want to read messages from someone's account, click on "Unfollow" that person.

Instructions for downloading, registering, creating an account, and using Twitter

I know erstellen Sie ein Konto

Step 1: After downloading and opening the Twitter app, click on “Create Account”, enter the name and phone number you want to register an account with. Then click Next ".

Step 2: Click the “Next” button, after confirming your name and phone number, click “Register”.

Step 3: Then enter the code Twitter to your phone number in the appropriate line and press "sent next".

Step 4: Enter the password (at least 6 characters).

Step 5: Choose your profile picture and write a description of yourself so that you have a brand new Twitter account.

Features on Twitter

  • Tweet: Are small messages, messages that users want to share on the Twitter social network. To send a tweet, type a message of 140 characters or less in the “What's up?” Dialog box.
  • Retweet: The act of sharing tweets with people who follow you.
  • Follow: Following the shares and tweets of other users on the Twitter social network. Every time the user you are following shares a tweet, you, as well as many other users, can receive a notification of that tweet.

Features on Twitter

  • Follow: The status when the user is following someone on Twitter.
  • Unfollow: In contrast to Follow, this is a function button that makes it possible to stop following a specific user.
  • Search: Is the search bar for information displayed on Twitter. You can use the reminder path with the syntax @name of person, page to be remembered or hashtag #name (#germany).
  • Hashtag: A special feature that allows users to combine tweets with this hashtag on one page. For example, if you enter the search keyword #germany, you will receive all tweets that contain this keyword in that tweet.
  • List: Is a list of the groups and user groups in which you participate.
  • Trending Topics: Includes the 10 most popular topics tweeted by users on Twitter.

Basic usage

Write tweets

To post a tweet on Twitter, click the icon in the text What's Happening or click the tweet icon in the top right corner of the screen to compose a new tweet.

You can just input up to 140 characters, lots of content including where you can refer to someone with the @name prompt external link or offer more, captured images or GIF files, comments, etc. choose probe, location check-ins and more Emoticons.


This function is similar to sharing in Facebook. When you retweet, you can share tweets that you find interesting through your personal page.


To follow specific people, you can type their name in the search box. If you click on their name, you will be redirected to their profile.

From there, click the “Follow” button on the right to follow them - this means any tweets they post will appear on your homepage.

Send a direct message

Twitter not only allows users to post public tweets, but also offers the function of helping users to secretly have private conversations via the messaging function. You can send private messages directly to people on Twitter, usually your followers.

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