Why should you make money from Instagram?

Instagram (abbreviated as IG or insta) is currently one of the most powerful social networks for sharing photos and videos. Acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has grown tremendously to date.

The number of Instagram app downloads by users has reached 1 billion users, trailing only Tiktok in terms of downloads. 

For the vast majority of users, Instagram is a place for young people to live virtually, but for mmo people, this is a gold mine that we can exploit and make money from.

So why should you choose Instagram to make money? From my experience…

  • Firstly, making money on Instagram is not really easy, but it is the easiest place to make money compared to other platforms like Facebook, Youtube or Tiktok.
  • Secondly, the technical operation is extremely simple on your phone and does not require too much effort and time.
  • Third, the conversion rate when selling or marketing on Instagram is much higher than other social networks.
  • Fourth, it is suitable for newbies as the initial cost is almost zero when you can take advantage of the free traffic on Instagram.
  • Fifth, Some ways to make money that don't require you to have a product to sell and still make money from it.

Why should you make money from Instagram?

These are all reasons I think you should try to make money from Instagram….

So, what do you need to prepare to make money from Instagram?

What does it take to make money on Instagram?

To make money from Instagram, your account needs to have a large and quality following.

First, you must have an eye-catching profile to impress and as a whole say what your account has to offer users on Instagram.

to put on and Followers of your Instagram account.

Finally, when you have followers, you need to take care of your followers and interact with them to convert them into money. 

In this article, I won't go into the details of how to build followers, but I will show you the following 5 ways that can help you make a lot of money from your Instagram account.

5 ways to be on Instagram

Making Money Among the ways to make money on Instagram that I will talk about below, there are ways I do and there are some oriented ways you can make money more effectively.

Your job is to determine your strengths and strategies so you can decide which path is best for you.

1. Make money with affiliate (affiliate marketing)

Making money with affiliate marketing on Instagram is the trend and the most sustainable development I'm doing. You just have to create a community that shares the same interests, passions or problems in life.

With Affiliate you don't have to have your own products, you just have to select products from affiliate networks to market them. When customers buy products through the referral link, you get a commission.


are community and share values ​​with followers. From there, your followers will like, trust, and buy the referral link on your profile.

I myself have been making money from Instagram for more than 4 years and it really helps me to make a lot of money from affiliate Clickbank and some other affiliate networks through free Instagram traffic.

To understand more how, you can read more of my case study below.

1.1/ Content (Content)

Make money on Instagram from affiliate marketing with the above type of content, you don't have to put much effort to create it. Another way to get content is to repost viral images and videos from other communities (repost content) or Instagram.

In addition, it is also possible to create content that you want to convey to your profile followers. This requires an understanding of your niche and image and video creation skills as shown below.

1.2/ Followers

For successful marketing, apart from valuable content for your followers, there must be another element, and that is followers.

So how can you have quality followers? 

You need to identify and seek out competitors in your niche. Following niche competitors is also the follower file your page needs to target. 

So how do you get followers?

There are many ways to approach competitors' files to draw attention to your profile...

  • Free way: Interact like, comment, follow your competitor's files from there to get back to your account.
  • Payment method: Buy ads from competitors or run Instagram ads on the Facebook platform.

You can apply either way, but the most important thing for natural and long-term growth and more sustainable money, the content of your page has to be really valuable to your followers.

Check out more websites to help you change Instagram fonts: https://instazoom.mobi/instagram-schrift/

-> How many followers on Instagram to make money?

Depending on each market niche and each person's strategy, you can decide how many followers you can monetize at once. 

There are niches with 2-3k followers you can make money from, there are niches waiting for more than 10k followers. Of course, the more followers you have on your profile, the more money you make.

Note: In order for your account to develop in a long-term and sustainable way, continuously limit sales as users interact less with you, resulting in slow growth of your account.

1.3/ Note on the bio link (affiliate link)

Unlike other social networking platforms that allow you to add affiliate links under each post, Instagram only allows you to use 1 link to market your product. Products on organic profile.

In addition, for accounts with more than 10.000 followers, you can add a different link to each story and only apply to business accounts. This helps you market multiple products at once to make more money. 

Note: Since the affiliate link is quite long and ugly, you need to use a shortened link or create a landing page for the product. Some platforms will help you for free like linktr.ee, igli.me, many.link…

1.4/ Pros and cons

Making money from affiliate marketing on Instagram will have many benefits for newbies when you start making money online. If you make the most of free traffic sources, you can make big money and limit marketing costs. 

However, with this form of making money, there is a downside that you are quite limited in the German market and have less potential than in the foreign market. And I recommend working on foreign markets, the commission is higher than some Germany affiliate exchanges.

So is there a way to make money in the German market?

The answer is yes, read on…..

2. Earn money on Instagram with dropshipping

What is dropshipping? This is a business form with an ecommerce platform and you can serve any market you want and get customers directly from Instagram.

Make Money on Instagram Based on Dropshipping Platforms Similar to Selling on Instagram. But the difference is that you don't have to worry about products, packages or shipping, you only have to focus on marketing to your followers.

You eat the difference between the supplier's price and the price you show the customer. Your job is to use Instagram's traffic source to attract followers to your shop. 

With this form of earning money I recommend you to work in a foreign market, you will earn more money than in the German market.

3. Sell on Instagram (open an online store)

Has anyone ever sold or done business on Facebook? I know a lot of young people who are still students, students make a lot of money with this form on Instagram.

If so, it will not make much of a difference, but the specificity of Instagram will favor its audience mainly young people aged 20-30.

At this age product niches like fashion, skin care or some other personal items are…. Mainly beauty needs for women….

  • shoes, clothes,
  • Lipstick, skincare items…
  • Room decorations, lights, leaves
  • … .Etc.

For shops like this, the main content is that the pictures have to be as beautiful, eye-catching and true as possible. You need to refine your Instagram profile to be professional and reputable...

  • Eye-catching profile logo
  • Short, easy to remember shop name
  • Write a bio, the overall description of the store tells what your site is selling.
  • Add an address to give it credibility

. For the product bio link, you can sell it through customer's inbox or direct them to your own store. 

Starting a business or opening a shop on Instagram is totally free, but in order for a shop to have many customers, you need to use some marketing methods to increase the number of followers for your Instagram account...

  • In addition to posting new models on a daily basis, you need to interact with customers who follow competing customers to gain attention. 
  • Rent a KOL to experience your product or play a mini-game, give customers a freebie to get feedback.
  • ... vv depending on each person's marketing strategy ...

When advertising is getting tighter and competition is getting higher, with free traffic, you can try to use it to make money in the form of selling shops on this Instagram...

4. Accounts

sell Selling Instagram accounts to make money is a form that is also very popular among MMO people. Depending on the niche and the needs of the market, as well as the interest of the buyer, the price will vary.

The same number of followers, but there will be a niche that sells a lot of money, another niche that sells less is normal. Therefore, it is very important that you decide to set up sales accounts from the very beginning.

Some market niches always demand more than what is offered….

  • Health & fitness
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • Journeys
  • Sport
  • Skin care

To make money in this form, you must have the skills to masterfully and quickly build an Instagram account. Because in order to sell an Instagram account, it must also have a certain number of followers and take a long time.

5. Sale of advertisements (Shoutout) The

Selling ads or people running Instagram is often referred to as selling Instagram shoutout, which means if you own accounts with a large number of followers, maybe 50.000, 100.000 or 1 million followers, the more your account is, the larger it is, the higher the rental price.

Instead of paying for ads on Instagram's platform, sellers pay to buy ads in your posts. 

You can make money from there, just remember to sell ads on your page every hour every day. 

For example: I have a weight loss product

. Her account has around 100.000 followers. I want you to sell or feature my product on your site for $100 in 24 hours or longer depending on your budget. .

Then earn $100 by placing an ad.

You can imagine!


Both markets can make money on Instagram but there is a caveat that it is not very feasible to make money this way unless you are a celebrity or have something special to get a lot of followers. 

As for the foreign market, no matter who you are, you can make money. In addition to selling shoutouts on your profile, you can also post on some centralized platforms to reach more customers.

For example some exchanges like… 

You make money on Instagram with this very effective form of ad sales, which I do very well too. I usually work a lot in the global market, so every time I sell a shoutout from $30 to $350 for 24 hours, it shows up on my page.

So you should also try to earn money with this form...


There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but here are the 5 most effective ways to make money that I recommend you. .

Think about how your strengths fit together and how you can make the most of them.